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“Be The Change You Want To See”


holding childs hand 

I’m not one to voice my opinion much about the things that go on in our country. I don’t like getting into political confrontations with people because everybody’s right and nobodies wrong, and nothing seems to change for the better. I am neither republican, democrat or independent. I vote as a non-partisan, but I don’t like being labeled. So, let’s just say I’m me. I try take everything I understand into consideration. Then I pray about it, because if decide anything without a God conscious mind all that I know to be good and right goes out the window. The things that we know to be true and right exist within every one of us. It doesn’t take rocket science to tap into it. All we have to do is get out of our own way. Push our pride aside and do what’s right. Do something because our children and grandchildren are dying because nothing is changing.

I didn’t always agree with what my Dad believed, but the one thing I admired about him was that he voiced his opinion to his representatives. He wrote letters about what he thought was right or wrong because he believed what he had to say was important enough to be heard. He was so passionate about it that he wrote with carbon paper so he’d have a copy of what he wrote to follow-up with. Today it couldn’t be any easier for us. All we have to do is look up our representatives on the internet and write a few lines to voice our own opinion. As a matter of fact, they prefer that to a letter. We need to do something, and we need to do it now. So, I encourage everyone reading this to take a few moments to consider what you think the right solution is to all these school shootings. Then write your representatives and voicings your opinion because that’s what they’re there for…to represent us. If they’re not, then let them know they won’t get your vote in the next election. Let’s take back the power that we’ve been investing in them.

Okay! I said enough. I’m getting a glass a wine. Than I’m sitting down to put my own words into action…I’m write my representatives now. I hope you will join me.



“The Truth Within”



“If you look for the truth outside yourself, it gets farther and farther away.” -Tang-Shan Liang-Chich

To me this quote is a great reminder to bring it all in. It’s also a great example as we wind down to the last 3 days before the election. We cannot make a choice based on all the conflicting information that takes us away from what we base our own truth on. How does each candidate resonate with my own belief and truths?  There’s this inner knowing that we all have within us. It’s a nagging voice that’s trying to be heard beneath all the other noise that the ego entertains. Where does the ego look for its truth but from that which it attaches itself to on the outside?

What does this all create, but a division within ourselves. If there is a division within us then it’s going to create a division outside of us, and it spreads like a disease. It has already become prevalent in our country. Now the concern is that whoever gets into office, the division will continue. I don’t want to be a part of planting this seed. All I can do is pull out the negative weeds it’s begun to grow in me.

The bottom line for me is in the clarity of the statement above. Look for the truth within your heart and soul. Don’t let the ego lead you astray. Some would say I don’t’ rely on myself. I rely on God. Well where do you think God exist? Within each of us. He didn’t create us to push aside who we are. He created us that He could experience life through us and with us. But it takes our cooperation and willingness to work as One. I have learned in my own life that when I’m feeling that sense of division it’s a sure sign that I’ve drifted away from the truth within. Until I find my way back I become a part of the problem that contributes to the division all around me.

As Saint Francis so simply taught, having peace on earth, can only happen when we first find it in ourselves.

“Sunday’s With Ollie”


Sunday’s with Ollie

Do you ever ignore the voice in your head that says, “bad dog, don’t do that?”

I listen good when I want to. However, sometimes I ignore the voice because the need to do what I want turns the voice off. Things like eating cookies out of the grandkids hands. They hold them at a level so close to my sniffer that I can’t resist doing what the voice in my head is telling me not to. Than I justify it by saying to myself, it’s their fault, they should know better.

“Ollie get in your box,” my Connie yells at me. My favorite person in the world yelling at me breaks my heart. I walk slowly with my head lowered for I know I am guilty of my crime. Worst of all I’ve disappointed the one I love the most. I should know better than to mess with the grandkids. That’s something she doesn’t take lightly. My cozy little room becomes the “box,” and as I hear the click of the lock it becomes my “jail cell.” I admit my guilt as I sit with my head bowed in shame, whining in sadness and sorrow. Oh why didn’t I listen to the good voice that always knows best. Now I don’t get to enjoy all the other opportunities that having guest bring. Why couldn’t I have been satisfied with the many things the grandkids drop freely without thought. Those are the true gifts of the dog God. But no I had to take things into my own paws. Dog gone it why do I let temptation get the better of me? I’m guessing it’s because I’m a dog. I don’t have the sophisticated mind of a human after all. Why with a mind like theirs I bet they don’t have any trouble at all listening to the voice when it tells them to stop.