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“Sunday’s with Ollie”


Between my Connie’s recovery and my inability to jump up anymore it’s been a week of difficult communication for me. She’s not suppose to bend over, or pick anything up. So when Toms not around I’m out of luck, although she has cheated a few times and picked me up anyway. She loves me! To top it off I can’t seem to see in the dark at all. It’s a terrible feeling of being lost. Thank goodness I still have my sniffer intake, I let my nose lead the way. I follow my Connie everywhere now I’m at her heels all the time. I don’t remember what’s wrong with me until I’m in need of what no longer works for me. Plus I’m more concerned with why my Connie doesn’t seem well. Sometimes I sit with my front paws on her legs looking deep into her eyes. She looks at me wondering the same thing only she can say it in words, “are you alright Ollie?” I try to penetrate her mind reading her facial expressions but even that looks a little blurred in the daylight. My sniffer comes through for me in this area too. It tells me things I can’t tell her. The same way she wonders what’s going on with me. I wish her sniffer worked as well as mine does. But there is always something good to be found in the dog-go-things of life, and for me it’s being able to spend so much quality time with her. She rest and sleeps a lot like I do lately, and I get a warm cuddle feeling as I snuggle up against her. Life really is much better when you look for the good things. I really am a lucky dog!