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“Lessons From Lucy”


IMG_3053 (Edited)

I am learning that being a member of my family is similar to being in a group, a pack or a tribe. I know there is something different about us, I mean after all I’m a dog. I notice though that they are different from each other too. So that makes me feel like I fit right in. I’ve begun to feel what they feel, and their feelings have become my feelings too. If they get scared about something like thunder and lightning then that makes me believe there is something to fear about it even if I don’t know why. If they like someone a lot, then I like them too, and sometimes I go overboard showing it. I don’t know why I do that either, but love makes me feel that way. The worst thing about being a member of a group is when they go off, and do things without me. I feel the saddest then, and even cry sometimes when they leave. But I notice that sometimes they leave each other behind or they go in different directions. The best thing though about being a part of a family is that they always come back. That the love we have for each other never leaves us even when one of us is gone. Yes, there doesn’t seem to be anything stronger then tribal love. It’s the very glue that holds us together, and I’m a lucky dog indeed to be a part of it.


“Sunday’s with Ollie”


Attacking the TV, is what I do! Now you have to understand for a dog like me it looks like there’s another world going on inside my own world. I have a strong protective instinct, and sometimes I fear that the animals are going to jump through the window of their world into mine. Or maybe one of the bad guys are going to hurt my Connie. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. So when I hear the loud sounds of barking dogs, upset people, guns, bombs, storms, and fast cars. I stand at attention with determination like a warrior at the front of the threat. I charge forward, jumping into the air like super dog. I might be a small dog, but I have the spirit of a giant. No matter how much I try though, I can’t figure out how to get inside that other world. The window I see it through doesn’t have an opening. Eventually things settle down inside the land of TV. I walk away and forget about it until the next time. Being fearful over things that aren’t really happening in our own world only causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. I guess there are things that are beyond our understanding. When we spend so much time trying to face what isn’t even ours to face, it’s like trying to get inside a world you don’t belong in. While in the process of it we forget were we are and lose sight of the world we live in right now.

Ok enough of that serious us stuff. I think it’s time to put my super dog bacon cape on and run around the table a few times. Yes I’m feeling good, this super lucky do is on fire. As Buzz Lightyear would say “to infinity and beyond.” Hey…It’s ok to pretend.