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“Simplicity, Patience and Compassion”



Simplicity, patience and compassion are truly the three treasures I’ve learned to live by.

The lesson in patience came first for me as I was in the midst of raising four children. I asked for prayer from a wise woman, and she told me that when you pray for patience God gives you lots of opportunity to practice it. I was certainly getting lots of practice then, and did learn a great level of patience, but the learning didn’t stop with just that lesson. I found many other areas of my life that patience needed to be mastered, and I am still learning to this day.

I always had compassion for others. It’s a nice quality to have except when you’re always putting everyone else above yourself. The hardest area for me to work on was being compassionate toward myself. It required that I learn to love who I was, and I wasn’t able to do that until I saw myself through God’s eyes. As I became more loving and compassionate with myself, I found I was better able to serve others in a more compassionate way.

Simplicity came into play after years of trying to do everything the way I thought I was supposed to. It was actually in the midst studying the Bible over and again that the very word simplify began  popping off the pages. I would always ask the question at the end of my readings, “what is it that you’re trying to teach me today Lord?” Then I would write the answer that came to me in my journal. What I wrote was a dialogue between God and me, what he told me was that I was making things far more difficult than He had created life to be. As I let go of trying to find the answers I was looking for, I found simplicity by trusting in the process. The more I let go the freer I became, and with that freedom came the deepest of understandings in the simplest of ways.

Simplicity, patience and compassion are the ingredients that come from love, and there is nothing more important we can do in life than to do all things through love.

“The Treasure Beyond The Veil”


The Treasure Beyond the Veil

Oh what a beautiful morning. When I opened my eyes this morning I was greeted with this wonderful view.

What’s that you say, you don’t see anything but the sun shinning through a lacy curtain. Oh, but there’s more to see than what meets the eyes at first glance. There are two layers you have to look beyond to find the treasure, a curtain and a screen. Looking beyond the veil for what life has to revel to us is what we’re called to do throughout our day.

See they’re my unusually tall daisy’s stretching all the way up to my window. They don’t have to speck words for me to know what they are saying. I hear it in their presence as if they whisper, good morning!

 Such a simple flower, one that can be easily ignored above all the other beauties that stand out, but there she stands with her sisters offering me the gift of her presence. A treasure for me to carry throughout my day.

I feel a renewed energy to move into the healthy lifestyle I’ve missed for the past few months. I want to go all out, but the daisy reminds me to keep it simple, one step at a time.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and take a moment to see one beautiful thing life has to offer you beyond the veil of your busy day. You’ll be as blessed as I am today for it.