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“Sunday’s With Ollie”


So as my Connie and I sit starring into each other’s eyes. We can’t come up with any dog gone lessons to share with you. So she decides to give me a dog personality quiz because it’s true we dogs have personalities just like humans.

She first asked me some questions.
-Do I like to run in circles when I get excited? Well yeah! Doesn’t everybody?
-Do I love her more then food? Sorry, but you know what this answer is. Food is what I live for.
-Out of three animals which do I resemble the most? A monkey, a horse or a Kuala? Monkeys have a lot of personality so I picked monkey.
-Do I listen to commands? No I have a mind of my own.
-What is my favorite toy? I love squeaker toys. I tear them apart until nothing’s left but the fur. Then I chew on that until it starts to get slimy and gross just the way I like it, and then when I’m sleeping it disappears. I’m glad I have short term memory because I forget I every even had it.

Well I don’t seem to fit into any of the personality traits.
-The confident dog
-The independent dog
-The laid back/happy dog
-The shy/timid dog
-The adaptable dog

So we move onto a less structured test and after taking it twice it comes out the same. No my Tom, I’m not a shit-head! I’m considered to be a “goofball” personality. Why? Because dogs like me, just want to have fun.

Hot Diggity dog! I’m a dog gone “goofball,” and I like it like that.