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“Telling My Story”


“When was the last time you told your story?” The question comes from a Native American Medicine Man.

medicine man

Sometimes we keep telling, sharing or re-writing our story the way I have for so many years. We can’t help the need to release and express that which presses on our heart. People may get tired of hearing about it, but it is only through the telling over and again that we are able to understand it all. Mark Nepo adds that, “It is the sweat and tears of the telling that bring the meaning out of its sleep as if no time has passed. It is the telling that heals.”

I was encouraged by today’s reflective reading to close my eyes and imagine the passages that have brought me to the person I am today. It’s ironic that I come across this right now as I’m re-writing my story. I’ve actually been noticing how many doorways and thresholds I’ve crossed through. The deeper I go into these various places the more I see clearly as if no time has passed. The journey, this time, is not a walk I do alone. I am holding the hand of my younger-self. Something my wonderful therapist once taught me to do. I let her lead the way as she walks me back through each doorway of our story. While it can still be painful at times to live through, I am able to remind my younger-self that it is okay now because we made it all the way through. I’ve learned to thank her this time too. For the strength, perseverance, bravery and the faith it took to get through one thing after another. My hope is that when every doorway has been gone through noted, and the last word is the end. That the child in me will not only see how much she is a part of who I am today, but that she will let go and become as I am.



“On Writing Memoir”


What are your thoughts on how dialogue works in a Memoir? As I work on my true life story the part of me who is telling it keeps slipping into dialogue with the many different characters that played a part in our life. I know the words are not exact how could anyone remember that kind of detail word for word. However the dialogue captures the personality of the characters and what or how I believe they would have responded. In “Angelia’s Ashes” Frank McCourt used dialogue but purposely didn’t put it into quotation because he knew it wasn’t an actual quote out of the mouth of that person. I know how important it is to make my story as believable as it truly is. 

I’m simple looking for some constructive input to help me move along in the right direction with my story. Would love to hear your thoughts.