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“My Spicy Friend”


Today I had a visit from a friend. 
As I opened the door came a gentle wind,
And the smell of spices followed her in.

I was reminded of the years that have passed us by.
The things she taught me that I could never deny.
How could I forget the herbs and spices of life. 
How to grow them and use them for their treasured delight. 

These are the things that she taught me to do.
To simple wear earrings if nothing else. 
And how to make strawberry jam to put on the shelf. 
How to share the good times as well as the bad.
To be who you are even when you’re feeling sad.

Our friendship has weathered the many years gone by.
As we tasted the herbs and spices of life.  
And who could forget the shared glasses of wine
For these are the things that get better with time, 
and I’m grateful to call you a friend of mine.



Ah…September, I love this time of year. Yet for me so many sad and unkind things happened, but I hold no grudges or animosity. For all I’ve experienced in these autumn months have taught me many lessons about how precious life is, and it still holds within it the birthday celebration of our first born. I love the pungent smell of leaves and earth mixed together. Then there are the apples and pumpkins, spices of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. The last hurrah of the flowers as they give us their most vibrant display of colors before the winter months set in. Warm evenings beside the fireplace, and lots of snuggling with Tom and Ollie. Yes, if I allowed myself to be caught up in the grief of my past, and for those I’ve lost, I’d only be compounding my sorry by not seeing what this wonderful season has to offer.

Welcome September!