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“Plugging In To Source”


I am sitting out on my deck enjoying this beautiful summer morning. Breathing in the fresh air I think to myself that I want only to see the good this day has to offer. It’s one thing to imagine how we want things to be, but I find myself easily distracted by life’s events, things to do, and needs that must be met.

“Come on Connie, focus,” my inner voice says to me.

I look up at my beautiful hanging plants and my mind begins to wonder off again.

“Focus Connie,” the voice says again. “What do you see?”

I’m looking at an open socket with a plug lying right beneath it.

“And what happens when you put the plug in the socket?” The voice continues.

“It turns my fountain on.

“How does it do that?”

By connecting to its power source.

“And then what happens?”

The water begins to flow.

“Look, even Lucy’s thirst is quenched by the flowing waters created from the energy source you plugged into.”

Wow! There was the answer staring me in the face all along. The distractions of life tend to splinter us into pieces, but by plugging ourselves back into our source of life we become whole again. It is in this place of wholeness that life flows easily, and our thirst for clarity is quenched just as easily as it was for Lucy who drank from the flowing waters put before her.

“Something To Think About”


Have you ever stopped to think how tragic events cause us to turn to prayer. It’s the avenue that leads us always back to our source, “God.”At these times, we also pull together supporting one another, helping, and embracing our loved ones a little bit more. But isn’t this realization a bit all telling? I mean why do we wait for bad things to happen to remember how important God really is in our life? Think of what the world would be like if God were a part of our everyday life the way he is when we turn to him in desperation. Hum! Now that’s something to think about. 

“Can God Make Mistakes”


I’m thinking about the Wizard of Oz again. How the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Dorothy all wanted something they thought they didn’t have. I remember feeling that way as a kid. As if when I was being created by God. He forgot to give me something that everyone else seemed to have. I’d picture myself of the conveyer belt in the factory of heaven. The only way that I could have slipped past God was because someone else who had a very important prayer request that needed answered. As He turned away in that moment, I rolled out of the chute with all the other souls. How would He ever recognize me when He never laid eyes on me?

I came to understand later that God doesn’t make mistakes. How can He? He’s perfect, all-knowing, and all encompassing, right? I believe that! At the end of the Wizard of Oz all four character’s realized as I did that everything we need has been right inside us all along. Their lack of knowing, as mine, was part of our journey because sometimes to truly understand what it means to have; we have to know what it feels like to think we don’t have it.

Once I came to the end of that road, a whole new world opened up for me. As I stepped across this threshold of knowing onto my new path, it became an adventure of self-discovery. I had never been alone in my walk, but now I felt the connection of God in a way I’d never recognized before. Sometimes it still feels as scary as the paths along the yellow brick road. That’s always my indication that my plug has been disconnect from my source of life. There’s not been many duel moments since then. Lots of ups and downs, but with each new adventure I’ve learned many wonderful things about who I am and how I’ve been created. Coming into my true self only remains clear when I return to the connection that makes me “Whole.”