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The Gift of Moments


What a beautiful day. I sat on the deck this morning. As I quiet myself for my devotional time, I hear the various birds chirping from every direction. I realize how much I take them for granted. I hear them everyday, but not really hearing them at all most of the time. Today though, it sounded like music, setting the tone of my daily ritual.

Taking in more of natures gifts, I smell the lavender in my garden, adding to my relaxing peaceful moment. Than I take notice of my curly willow tree and how fast it’s grown in just a few years. It looks like messy head of hair all knotted and tangled. The real beauty of this tree lies beneath its leaves. I don’t care that it’s not the greatest looking tree. It provides the privacy we want, and I know the beauty that lies beneath the leaves. A work of art to look forward to in the dead of winter. I’m reminded of how nature always has a way of teaching us the lessons of life.

I did my daily reading, prayer and meditation. However, nothing spoke as profoundly to me as being in the moment among Gods creations giving all I heard, saw and smelled the recognition each deserves. And I am left with a sense grace and gratitude.

“Morning Prayer & Meditation”


As I begin my day I light my spiced pumpkin candle. The light representing the presence of God. The smell awakening my senses and I give thanks for another day to experience what life has to teach and offer me. Then I open my little marble book that holds the names of people who are in need of prayer. I don’t ask God for what he already knows their needs to be. I simple see them as receiving whatever it is that God has to offer them on this day. Then I center myself through meditation and as I concentrate on my breath I can’t help feeling blessed to be alive yet one more day. One breath at a time and nothing else matters except the moment I find myself in. All else stems from this moment of thanks and praise. I breath in wellness and out happiness in and out filling myself with all that is good and right in the world. Remembering that with all that can go wrong there is so much more good to draw from.
May your day be blessed and filled with all your hearts desire.

“Lucy Turning Life Upside Down…In A Good Way”



I guess since I’ve come into my new family’s life I’ve turned it upside down a bit. I don’t know why because to me everything seems as it should be. I’m 6 months old which makes me about 3 1/2 in people years now. I’m easily distracted especially when I go out to pee. If I see a bird, bunny or bee I forget what I came out to do, and want to play with all Gods creations. I love being outside in the world walking bare paw on the grass, I don’t care if they get muddy or wet. I love digging in the dirt smelling all the scents, hearing all the sounds even taste-testing different things like those lip-smacking rabbit turds, yum!

I think I’m good for my people. I keep them hoping up and down as they have to take me out several times to pee. It makes them walk in their bare feet too as they don’t always have time to put their shoes on. It also gives them a timeout from what they were doing. I look up at my Connie and see something as she breaths in the fresh, is it happy, peaceful, contentment? I don’t know a lot about these things yet, it just looks like she’s feeling and sensing the same things I am, and everything seems as it should be.

Then there’s the leader of our pack, Tom. He’s like the lion in our tribe. When he roars, he expects me to listen. I just love teasing him. When he points his finger at me with a roar to stop, I jump up and nibble at his finger. He roars some more, and I jump back and forth yapping at him. He says, “don’t you talk back at me!” and I ruff, ruff, ruff right back again. The whole time my Connie is laughing at us both. My Tom tries to keep that stern look on his face, but I know if I keep it up I can melt that look right into a smile even a chuckle or two. He loves me, I know it. Sometimes I don’t know who I love more…my Connie or Tom…maybe I just love them both for who they are. What I do know for sure is that I like making them happy and I think I’m doing a pretty good job at it even if it is in upside kind of way.

Until next time,

Love Lucy

“How Does The Needle Know?”



“The sailor cannot see the north, but knows the needle can.” -Emily Dickinson

As I begin my day I’m always so excited to be at the start of what I call a clean slate. Maybe a little too excited that I begin to paint what I cannot see yet. As I stand back to look at my canvas I’ve painted nothing but clouds because I haven’t taken the time to see in what direction my inner compass is pointing.  How does the needle know? How do we even trust what can’t be seen? When we are lost, what other choose do we have? I can wonder around the sea of life without anything in sight to paint upon my canvas or I can let go and choose to trust in the stillness of the moment in which the needle has time to settle.

It is then that I’m able to connect with my inner spiritual guide as I hear it tell me this morning to take my time. Slow down. Wakeup. Be in the moment. Look around. Smell the candle you lit. Taste the coffee you drink. Feel the chair that hugs your body. Hear the ticking of the clock. These are my inner compasses. My inner tools. My inner senses. They are the colors and brush strokes I use to paint upon the canvas of my day.

Now I’m really excited to be alive. How can I not be when I’m reminded that I can enjoy wherever I am with every fiber of my being simple by bringing myself back into the awareness of where I find myself right now. It sounds so easy but that’s the beauty our free will gives us, to choose the kind of day we want moment by moment.

“Sunday’s with Ollie”


Between my Connie’s recovery and my inability to jump up anymore it’s been a week of difficult communication for me. She’s not suppose to bend over, or pick anything up. So when Toms not around I’m out of luck, although she has cheated a few times and picked me up anyway. She loves me! To top it off I can’t seem to see in the dark at all. It’s a terrible feeling of being lost. Thank goodness I still have my sniffer intake, I let my nose lead the way. I follow my Connie everywhere now I’m at her heels all the time. I don’t remember what’s wrong with me until I’m in need of what no longer works for me. Plus I’m more concerned with why my Connie doesn’t seem well. Sometimes I sit with my front paws on her legs looking deep into her eyes. She looks at me wondering the same thing only she can say it in words, “are you alright Ollie?” I try to penetrate her mind reading her facial expressions but even that looks a little blurred in the daylight. My sniffer comes through for me in this area too. It tells me things I can’t tell her. The same way she wonders what’s going on with me. I wish her sniffer worked as well as mine does. But there is always something good to be found in the dog-go-things of life, and for me it’s being able to spend so much quality time with her. She rest and sleeps a lot like I do lately, and I get a warm cuddle feeling as I snuggle up against her. Life really is much better when you look for the good things. I really am a lucky dog!



“God experiences life through each of us, and we experience life thanks to God.”-Peter Sheperd
To sit among the trees,
To listen to the silence,
To notice your breath,
To awaken to the smells,
To taste what never touches the tongue
To open your eyes and see?
It means all that is,
and all that ever will be,
has become One.
And through mind, body and spirit,
God has the pleasure of experiencing  all His creations,
through our eyes, emotions and senses.
It is truly being in the moment of Grace!

“Sunday’s with Ollie”


Sunday’s with Ollie

If you want to know what kind of vibes your body language gives off, then get a dog. We are so in tuned to our people that it seems like we’re reading their mind at times. What we’re really doing is looking at your expressions, feeling the vibes that bounce off your body, and smelling the scents they create. We know you inside and out maybe better than you know yourself sometimes.

Take my Connie for instance, she can be quite anxious about things at times. It makes me anxious when I feel it buzzing off her body, and she looks at me wondering why I’m walking all over her or jumping up and down. The most amazing change I see come over her is when we go into her special room. We sit in her comfy chair, she lights a candle, closes her eyes for a few moments. That’s when I begin to feel the tension bleeding off her. She then reads and writes in her journal. By the time she’s done the prickly feelings of her tension are gone, and in their place is a feeling of cozy warmth I can’t help snuggling up against. But first I look up at her getting her attention. She pets my head gently and says, “You feel it too don’t you Ollie!”

Yes indeed I do! The Dog God works in mysterious ways, and I’m reminded once again what a “lucky dog” I am.

“Sunday’s with Ollie”


June 26, 2016

I’ve been in a ‘high gear protective mood’ for the past few weeks as my Connie was in recovery. It makes my senses almost as powerful as “Super Dog.” While I still enjoyed people’s visits I acted a little erratic, unsure of what to do. So I’d take off running around the house faster than a speeding bullet. I even had a super cool bacon cape to fly around in. But seriously if anyone got too close to my Connie, I got kind of nervous.

I thought finally, my Connie was learning the advantages of lying around all day. On the other paw though, I started to feel like she was in my space too much. I can’t believe I’m admitting it myself, but it’s true. I needed to go off for periods of time and lay down by myself.

 “Ollie what are you doing over there?” She’d call out to me.

I’d lift my head up to look at her, and l lie it back down with a deep sigh. Sometimes I’d just ignore her. This care giver stuff is a lot of work, but at least it wasn’t as hard for me as it was for my Tom. He didn’t really seem to mind too much, but sometimes even he went downstairs to his man-cave to take a break. I guess it just goes to show that no matter how much we love each other we all need a little bit of time to ourselves once in a while. I have heard stories that even the dog God needed to go off into the desert once in a while to get away from the other dogs for a break. I guess it helped give him a better perspective on what he was doing. I know your thinking about now, that’s quite an intellective statement for a dog to make, but I’m not just any dog I’m Super-Dog this week, and I have my super bacon cape to prove it. I also have some super rich tasting bacon jerky to go with it.

I am truly a lucky dog, and I thank the dog God every day for my wonderful human family.

“Sunday’s With Ollie”


I can smell when other people are sick, but I can’t tell them what’s wrong. We dogs have certain smells too that are indicators that something is wrong with us. We can’t tell you that we have a rotten tooth, kidney disease or liver problems, but our breath and actions speak for us if you’re paying attention.

My Connie’s always saying how bad my breath is. She has tried to brush my teeth, but I’m sorry, I don’t like it, so I won’t let her. She sometimes buys me treats that are suppose to help clean them, but instead of gnawing on them the way I’m supposed to, I practically swallow them whole, they taste so good. She’s been putting off taking me to the vet for a teeth cleaning because she knows how much I hate going to the vet. I think too that she’s afraid to find out that there might be something wrong with me. It’s called denial.

I guess just like aging human’s, us old dogs have to go into the body shop once in a while for an overhaul too. I suppose I should look at my Connie as an example, if she can do it I guess I can as well. It helps having your favorite person by your side to comfort you. Plus The vet speaks dog language, and can interpret for you, what we dogs can’t say in words.

I think I’ll take a nap now. When I awake the entire thought and worry will be gone as if it never took place. Hot diggity dog, I’m glad God made me a dog.