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“No Pain, No Gain!”


No pain, no gain!

That’s what I have to tell myself to gain the confidence I need to walk, move and exercise my newly constructed knee. It’s like having to walk across a bed of hot coals to get to the place I want to be on the other side of this. I realize that sacrifice only exist in the time it takes to get from here to there. That if I keep my focus on where I’m headed I don’t feel the burn as bad. With each attempt I grow stronger, letting go of what holds me back. Letting go of that which weighs me down, making my footsteps upon the burning coals a little lighter. I’m learning that anything is possible if we want it bad enough. It’s a great lesson, teaching me that nothing is impossible when we put our mind, heart and soul into what we have to do. Reminding myself over and again that for me no pain, means no gain, so it’s become my manta for now. A lesson that can be applied to other areas of my life as well.    

“Self Care”


Taking care of our self first is not being selfish. It actually allows us to be a better care taker for other. What good am I to anyone if I am completely drained from my own lack of care. 

Wow! I love this 12 step self care list. I can sure use the reminder. I think it would be a good list to go down during those times when you feel like something is off kilter in your life. You know, when you’re feeling down but don’t know why. 

“She Who Never Gives Up”


I was going through a very difficult time not long ago. It was one of those situations that haunts your day and night. It took me a long time to figure out that it wasn’t my problem to fix. What I really needed to take a look at was how I was letting it affect me. In the process I felt very alone because there was nothing that anyone said that made it better. Have you ever been so desperate that you wish someone else could just make it all go away? They can’t, and even if they could it would come right back over and over again until we learn what it has to teach us about ourselves. I was beginning to lose faith in all the wisdom I’d come to know.
One day I was browsing around a little shop totally uninterested in anything because of the way I was feeling. I stopped at one of those spinning card stands. I reached for this card as if God Himself was moving my hand toward it, and the front read:
“She Who Never Gives Up”
“Lemons to lemonade, this woman hangs in there. When opportunity knocks, it sometimes knocks her down, but she never lets it get her down for long. Whether it be relationships, her health, or her professional life her reservoir of love and faith just keeps overflowing.
She is a triumphant, shining example—a woman who truly knows the value of family, friendship, and the gift of time…and who puts aside all judgement to share her unconditional love.” -Suzy Toronto
I felt like God was talking to me, reminding me of all the things I’ve been through and how I’ve persevered and loved in spite of how it affected me. I was afraid of what letting go meant in this situation, and needed to learn that just because you let go doesn’t mean you are giving up. Letting go set me free, and so I was finally able to see what I couldn’t see before. That the only one I can do anything about is myself. That we can let go of what’s not ours to hold onto, and still hold onto love by never giving up, and that just because we give it over to God doesn’t mean that he’s going to take it away. We have to embrace first what it has to teach us.