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“My Friend, Hope”



If Hope were a person
She’d be my best friend.
She’s been there for me,
through thick and thin.
She’s my shadow cast
from her beacon of lite.
Pointing the way
Toward the good and right.

We’ve been on a lot
of bumpy roads,
And some of the worst
were paved in hot coals.
I felt abandon,
Standing all alone.
Not even a shadow
to call my own.

It was in the silence
Hope’s voice became mine,
I knew in that moment
we’d become intertwined.

Hope doesn’t have to be a person
To be my best friend,
We’re already inseparable
To the very end.

“What can I do?”


“Being the best people we’re capable of being brings wholeness to a broken world.” -Judith Orloff

As I wait to leave for my surgery I have a little time for my prayers and readings this morning. This was the quote of the day, so appropriate for these times. I couldn’t resist one last share.  

Have peaceful day!