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“I Believe in You”


Today I asked myself; what kind of world do you want to see?

I want to see a world with people I can trust and believe in. I think though, that the only way to obtain that belief is with one person at a time. Simple by saying, “I believe in you.”

How empowering that is. Like a building block one person at a time. That powerful affirmation turns into a positive flowing vibe that moves from one person to another.

“Lucy’s World”


many dogs

I have lots of doggy friends of different sizes and colors. One of my very first friends was a Great Dane I meet at my people training class. He was as big as a horse with black and white patches like a cow. Then there’s my neighbors Lulu, Phin, Teddy and Gracie. I don’t know all the different nationalities of my neighbors. Lulu is very big and white, Phin is medium size and black, Teddy is small but not as small as me. He’s kind of funny looking with tight curly hair and a mixture of gray, silver, black, white, brown all over. Then there’s Gracie who is just a little bigger than me, I think, it’s hard to tell because she has lots of thick reddish brown fluffy fur. I also have lots of family doggies to play with. Hunter is a big German Shepard. When he barks it scares me but his bark is louder than his gentle personality. I have a lot of fun playing with Stella. She’s medium big and as black as night. I like nibbling on her long skinny legs. It makes her dance. Some of my doggy friends are pure bread like me, but the others are a mixture of all kinds of breeds, but none of us seem to notice or care. Each butt smells different it’s true, but on the inside the dog god made us all the same.

Hot dang I’m glad I’m a dog, a lucky dog at that indeed, for I was born to love and be loved…

…Weren’t we all?



“Lucy & I”


This is Lucy & I resting after our morning walk or should I say chilling out as I ice my ankle and knee. Not to worry…I’m only trying to keep ahead of the swelling that comes with all the extra activity that Lucy has brought into my life. It’s a good thing, but my life feels a bit on hold right now while I keep a watchful eye on her. She wants to chew on everything so I try to catch her at it giving her one of her chew toys instead. Then there’s the housebreaking. I’m not sure if I’m training her at this point or myself to take her out about every hour. 

I feel like I did when I brought my babies home from the hospitality. My life was their’s as I put my own on a shelf for a while and tended to their every need. I know I gave up my nice easy going life for her and while I think I should be saying to myself, why’d you do that? I have to say I find it worth all the work.  She makes me feel alive in a whole new way, and that’s a good thing at my age, don’t ya think?

“Poo-Wee! You Stink!”


I love this quote! 

Our automatic feeling when someone starts smelling bad is to distance ourself from them or push them away. 

Even Jesus said, to turn the other cheek, meaning don’t react or retaliate. It’s difficult to lay our pride aside and still embrace them especially when the smell is overbearing. But the bottom line is if we don’t we’re going to slip into the same manure as they did, and stink just as bad.

“From The Mouth of Babes”


In these trying times of indifference, I hear my Dad reminding me once again how history repeats itself. But more than that it reminded me of the first time in my life that I actually saw someone who wasn’t like me or anyone else I’d known. Through the eyes of my own innocent childhood I brought the question why into the equation of indifference.

I was 7 yrs old in 1960, and lived in California. I took a bus ride with my Dad into the city of Los Angeles. I remember wearing a nice pink dress with white patent leather shoes. I was holding my Dad’s hand, and I couldn’t take my eyes off my shoes as they click clacked along the sidewalk. When I looked up I saw the strangest looking man I’d ever seen in my short life. He was very thin, tall and so dark his skin had a purple glow. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

“Why is that man so dark Daddy?’ I asked.

“He’s a colored man,” my Dad said.

“What’s a colored man?” I asked.

“He’s from a very hot place called Africa. Their skin gets dark just like ours does when we’re in the sun too long,” he said.

“He must have really been in the sun a long time to be that dark,” I said.

As we went on walking I got thirsty and ran up to a water fountain for a drink. My Dad jerked me away saying, “That’s for the colored people. We don’t drink from the same fountain as them or go to the same bathrooms.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because that’s just the way it is,” he said to me.

“But I don’t understand why Daddy.”

“Because that’s just the way it is,” he said again.

“But that’s no reason,” I said.

“They’re just not like us. That’s all,” he went on.

“But they look like they have everything the same as we do, except their skin is darker. That’s all,” I said.

My Dad looked at me and opened his mouth as if to say something, but couldn’t find the words to respond back. He bent down and swooped me up in his arms giving me a hug.

“You know what Connie? I never thought of it quit that way, but you’re right.”

“Sunday’s with Ollie”


I like most people. I may not cuddle up to them the way I do my Connie, but I enjoy having them around. The more people around of course means, more chances for extra treats, but the interesting part is the various scents I pickup from each person. If people could only get inside my head when I become mesmerized by their smell they’ed understand why it’s so interesting to me. You can’t hide anything from a dog. I can smell everything you think by the scents those thoughts bring out in you. It’s just a good thing for some that I can’t blab it out loud.

My Connie has the ability to read my mind because she loves me and knows by my expressions what I’m trying to tell her. That’s the way humans read each other too, by their actions. For humans actions speak louder than words, but still not as loud as scents speak to dogs.

Sometimes I try to get inside my Connie’s head so she can see what I’m seeing about her. I sit with my bulging brown eyes staring at her. Look into my eyes, I’m trying to tell her. I’ve been doing it a lot lately because she hasn’t been feeling good for months, and I know what’s wrong. She looks at me and says “ it’s okay, Ollie, I know what’s wrong, and I’m going to be fine.” But I’m still not sure if she’s seeing what I’m smelling, and I smell her worry in-spite of how she try’s to put my mind at ease. I’d take away her sickies if I could could sniff them out of her body. I try really hard to do that, but I guess I don’t having enough sniffing faith to move mountains yet. Maybe if I stop thinking about it so much the way humans do, it will come to me naturally the way my inner senses always guide me. Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and trust in our inner dog God.

If you’d like to read a fantastic article on the power of the dogs nose I encourage you to go this site. You won’t be disappointed.

Know Your Dog’s Nose

“Irritating People”


Today I was feeling frustrated being around an irritating person. I looked at them to see if there was anything about them that I didn’t like about myself. I do believe that we can learn a lot about ourselves by the way we react to others. There is nothing about this person that I could honestly see in myself. Yeah!!! That’s a good thing. What this person does that irritates affects everyone they get around. It has nothing to do with anyone else, but them.

Why do people annoy others? I think sometimes it’s for the same reason people bully others. They have a need for attention and often to be loved. The sad thing is that their actions actually do the opposite, it pushes people away.

What makes it hard for me is that I love everyone. I don’t give up on anyone, and I always look for the good in them, but sometimes even my good hearted character can be challenged, and pushed to a breaking point.

What does this have to teach me about myself? Right now the only good answer I can find is that I’m human.