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“My Personal Corporation”


Sometimes I feel like I have lots of different personalities inside me fighting to be expressed. I know it sounds a bit schizophrenic, but it’s not that serious. It feels more like I have my own corporation going on inside me, and each partner wants to be heard, expressed and giving the opportunity to do what they feel is most productive for the good of all.

So I imagine that each partner within my corporation has their own departments to run:

• There’s the work ethic department that takes care of our house which involves upkeep, cleaning, repairs and design.

• There’s the health department that oversees diet, food planing shopping, exercises, mental balance, and healthy hygiene.

• There’s the creative department in charge of crafts, gardening, and various other hobbies.

• There’s the communications department that takes care of writing daily post, writing books, and fulfilling various other ideas.

• There’s the social department that makes sure that the important people in my life are touched in someway by phone call, card, visit, dinners, gifts, parties and prayer.

• There’s the family department that involves my husband, children, grandchildren and now our first upcoming great-grandchild. There’s my sisters, brother, and in-laws.

• There’s the holiday department that takes care of birthdays, Easter, thanksgiving, Christmas, and various family picnics, visits and gifts. Everyone matters and making sure no one is left out is a great responsibility.

• The most important department is the spiritual one, because it holds all the others together and reflects all that I believe and stand for. In this department there is prayer, meditation, contemplation, reading and learning.

I expect the best, because I want everything I do to reflect what’s in my heart and soul. I want everyone in my life to feel as important as they are to me. So when I’m unsure how to do something I research and study how to do it right.

Wow! When I put it into words like this it really does seem overwhelming, and I can see how it can become chaotic. All those different parts of me shouting to be heard. It’s at this most important point of realization that I can see what I’m doing wrong. I’m trying to do it all on my own and I’ve forgotten to consult with the most important “partner” I have…”God.” It truly is a bigger job then I can handle on my own. So together we work, and do great things for it is always with Him, in Him and through Him that great things happen and fall together.

“One Dormant Ingredient”


Imagine if you will, that there is one ingredient lying dormant inside you. It is the heart and soul of who you are, and it can only be activated by what you choose to pour into it.

Let’s use the example of making bread. There are 5 basic ingredients yeast, water, flour, sugar, and fat. The yeast is the ingredient that sits dormant. There are thousands of living plant-like microorganisms in one pack of yeast alone. Think of all the microorganisms waiting to be awakened in us. It is the most essential ingredient, and without it the bread can’t rise. It is flat, hard, dull and lifeless just as we become when we are not utilizing all our inner ingredients.

So what does it take to activate the yeast? It takes action, desire and willingness. For without this nothing can be accomplished. It’s not just a matter of putting the ingredients together. It’s working the ingredients with our hands until it’s well mixed. It’s letting it sit for a while so it can raise, and then we punch it down again re-kneading it mixing and pushing until we know for sure that what we’ve put into it has been brought to perfection.

So like yeast, we bring it to life by first desiring what it can do for us. The added ingredients represent what we put into this awakening. This rising comes from what we learn from it. The punching down is our way of testing its validity, and the re-kneading is our assurance which allows us to rise above our limitations into our true-selves. The bread creates the “aha moment,” for in it we see how the ingredients brought together creates the bread of life that continues to feed us with the knowledge we need to remain Whole.

What is the dormant ingredient that sits in us waiting to be awakened? I know what it is. Do you?