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What Will You Paint Today?



Each day we’re handed a band new empty canvas to paint the kind of day we choose to live. You don’t have to be an artist to paint. We are as creative as the creation we come from, and that creativeness is an expression of who we are. No one else can paint from the depth of our personal heart and soul. We carry with us a lifetime of feelings and emotions both good and bad. What determines what we paint today is contained in the color of choices we choose to pick from.

We can cover our canvas with the deep blood red of our pain and leave it like that to look upon all day long. Or we can choose to take some white and paint around the edges until we’ve formed the heart of Love within our pain. Maybe even if we look close enough we begin to see the perfect spot cracking open where we add a little yellow to let the Light of Hope shine through.

Maybe conflict has us so mixed up that we keep dipping our paintbrush in different colors creating nothing but the strokes of a dark twisted dull brown baron tree that seems to be chocking the life out of us. Or maybe we could find a way to breathe again by washing away the clumped up brown conflict from our paint brush and setting it aside. Now it’s time to turn our conflict into possibility’s by taking one paint brush at a time dipping one in green for the leaves that bring forth life. Then the color of flowers that will soon bare the color of fruits our efforts have produced and the seeds of possibilities it leaves behind.

Today is the first day of the rest of our life. Another chance given to choose the colors of peace or blackness of anger and hate.

What colors will you choose to paint with today?


“No Pain, No Gain!”


No pain, no gain!

That’s what I have to tell myself to gain the confidence I need to walk, move and exercise my newly constructed knee. It’s like having to walk across a bed of hot coals to get to the place I want to be on the other side of this. I realize that sacrifice only exist in the time it takes to get from here to there. That if I keep my focus on where I’m headed I don’t feel the burn as bad. With each attempt I grow stronger, letting go of what holds me back. Letting go of that which weighs me down, making my footsteps upon the burning coals a little lighter. I’m learning that anything is possible if we want it bad enough. It’s a great lesson, teaching me that nothing is impossible when we put our mind, heart and soul into what we have to do. Reminding myself over and again that for me no pain, means no gain, so it’s become my manta for now. A lesson that can be applied to other areas of my life as well.    

“Little Green Plant”


    How ya doing little plant?
    You’re as pretty as can be.
    I’m glad you’ve come
    To live with me.
    You sooth a broken heart
    In my time of need.
    You cheer me with 
    your tiny 
    It always seems to be that way
    it’s the simplest of things
    that gives us hope
    for a brand new day.

    “The Rainbow Bridge”


    To all of you who loved Ollie, and have lost a pet of your own sharing your pain with us. We wanted to share this story of hope with you, that we received in the mail. Thank you for your kind words, love, support, prayers and understanding. It has meant so much to us know that we are not alone in our grief.



    “The Breaking Our Shell”


    “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”-Khalil Gibran

    Within each painful crack lies a sneak preview of the understanding yet to come. When we finally crack open, each piece of understanding we’ve gained reveals its whole meaning. This isn’t to make light of the many difficult things we are going through or have in the past. It gives a chance along the way to find hope and meaning. For who wants to crack their shell open only to find it empty, as if everything we went through was for nothing.

    There is always an understanding waiting to be reveled even if it seems minuet. “The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.” John Zabat said. Everything matters. However, if we let our hurt, bitterness, and an unforgiving heart stand in the way. Then the painful cracking will continue hurting us, and we’ll never come to understand why.