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“Be The Change You Want To See”


holding childs hand 

I’m not one to voice my opinion much about the things that go on in our country. I don’t like getting into political confrontations with people because everybody’s right and nobodies wrong, and nothing seems to change for the better. I am neither republican, democrat or independent. I vote as a non-partisan, but I don’t like being labeled. So, let’s just say I’m me. I try take everything I understand into consideration. Then I pray about it, because if decide anything without a God conscious mind all that I know to be good and right goes out the window. The things that we know to be true and right exist within every one of us. It doesn’t take rocket science to tap into it. All we have to do is get out of our own way. Push our pride aside and do what’s right. Do something because our children and grandchildren are dying because nothing is changing.

I didn’t always agree with what my Dad believed, but the one thing I admired about him was that he voiced his opinion to his representatives. He wrote letters about what he thought was right or wrong because he believed what he had to say was important enough to be heard. He was so passionate about it that he wrote with carbon paper so he’d have a copy of what he wrote to follow-up with. Today it couldn’t be any easier for us. All we have to do is look up our representatives on the internet and write a few lines to voice our own opinion. As a matter of fact, they prefer that to a letter. We need to do something, and we need to do it now. So, I encourage everyone reading this to take a few moments to consider what you think the right solution is to all these school shootings. Then write your representatives and voicings your opinion because that’s what they’re there for…to represent us. If they’re not, then let them know they won’t get your vote in the next election. Let’s take back the power that we’ve been investing in them.

Okay! I said enough. I’m getting a glass a wine. Than I’m sitting down to put my own words into action…I’m write my representatives now. I hope you will join me.



“Belief System”


Do you live your life from a belief system of collective opinions? Think of all the people who have influenced what you believe to this day. There’s your parents, teachers, leaders even our culture, race and religion. But isn’t part of growing up and flying free to be me, also the time in your life when you decide if these beliefs reflect your own? How will we ever know if we simple go with the flow? It takes courage to step away, and take the road less traveled, trying those beliefs on for size. You might be surprised to finally realize why it felt so uncomfortable all this time. How do you know if something fits you if you don’t try it on first? You might know that wine is simple divine, because I say it is so, but how will you ever know until you taste it for yourself. This is where life gets exciting when you dive into each one of those belief systems and swim within everything they stand for. Are they still your beliefs? If not, then buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life as you discover who you are, your own truths, their relevance, and the abilities you have within yourself to do it your way.