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“The Message Of The Raindrop”


I’m sitting in front of my big bay window on this rainy morning. It’s one of my favorite places to sit especially when I can’t be outside. One might look out and only see what’s in front of them a bird-feeder, trellis, flower garden, holly trees, lawn and the church up on the hill that sits in right across the street. It’s a picture all our own. But I always look for something new I haven’t seen before, and I ask God this morning, what is it that you want to show me today.

IMG_2921 (Edited)

There it is a raindrop hanging from a leaf. I’m reminded that this one little raindrop is part of something much bigger than it looks. It’s an individual expression of the ocean from which it comes. Nature’s own reality show, and it’s playing right outside my window. But just as there is more to see then what meets the eye. I have to look within to get the deeper message. Just as the rain drop is a part of something much bigger then itself, so am I, and just as the raindrop has a purpose, so do I, and just as the raindrop is an expression of that from which it comes, so am I.

So just as the raindrop came to express its message to me today, I extend it to you.




The definition of diversity means variety or very different. Everything in the universe is different even within their own categories. For instance when you look up in the sky at night you see all kinds of stars, each is different in shape and size, but they’re still stars. Flowers are my favorite example here. There are all kinds with many different shapes, sizes, fragrance, and colors. Put a few together and what do you have? A beautiful bouquet of different flowers. How boring it would be if there was only one kind to pick from. God created our world of many different things and it is nature that teaches us that being who and what we are is enough in itself. It doesn’t fight over which one is the best it just enjoys being what it is, giving to the world what it has to give, and sharing in the wealth of its combined efforts.

Variety is the spice of life, and it is we humans who get to enjoy all of God’s creations and what they have to offer. Yet we cannot see what nature has to teach us about the diversity we have within our own humankind. How wonderful it would be to put our diversity together like flowers. I think it would make a beautiful bouquet of humankind. Don’t you!

“Nature is There to Teach”


As I’m in the yard playing in my garden I usually get so caught up in what I’m doing that I’m as happy and content as I can be. But of late my thoughts are on the things I should be doing and why I can’t seem to find the disciplines needed to do them right? As I sit on my garden bench, I pause to watch the birds, how they work so diligently to build their nest. I see troops of ants marching one behind the other toward their mission. I imagine them singing hi, ho, hi, ho it’s off to work we go! Then I look at my plants that have popped through the earth in their early stages of new life, just sitting there doing what they’re called to do without question. I whisper out loud to nature, “how do you know how to do what you do so easily?”

“Intuition,” I hear from within. “ All creation knows intuitively what to do…even you. The problem with being human is having a brain that has the ability to analyze, question and take apart that which is already made to work perfect without question. Why wouldn’t anyone want to grow like the flower with the chance to open and bloom? All you have to do is stop making things more difficult than they actually are.”