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“Going With The Creative Flow”


As I’ve been working on letting go it’s opened a whole new space for fun things in my life. So I had this idea to paint my clay pots. As I sat down to do each one I had no plan of how I was going to do them. Letting go of control seems to be the main source that gets in the way of what I really want, and that is to simple “be.” Listening to my inner voice, trusting in the process feels difficult when I keep getting in the way. I want to do everything perfect, but I can’t, it simple sets me up for failure.As I began my pots I went with the creative flow inside me. There was no rhyme or reason to what I was doing I just expressed. They are as imperfect as they come, but what I learned was to see the beauty that lies behind the imperfection. There are no two pots alike, and no matter how hard someone would try to duplicate what I did there is only one of a kind. Maybe that’s the way God went about creating each one of us, He just went with the creative flow and not one of us is alike either. That makes us about as special as each of my pots.

“Truth & Lies”


LPhoto from Life Quotes

Sometimes the truth can be so twisted and distorted that the lie becomes our truth, and the truth becomes the lie. But we always have that inner voice knocking on the door to our heart. It’s the one go to we have, that we can rely on to untangle the ugliness in our life. 

“Life’s Challenges”


Life’s challenges. You can’t go through life avoiding them. They are part of our human nature that helps us build the character we were born to express. Within the challenges of our life, whether big or small, comes great responsibility. How we choose to forge through our challenge must be weighed against our values and beliefs. The biggest challenge comes from how those chooses affect the people in our life whether it be a few or many. Being true to our self which is essential doesn’t give us the right to be selfish, there is no truth in that. Being true to ourself is looking at how our challenge and choices affect everyone involved. There is a right way, and a wrong way to move forward. A test as to whether we are being true to ourselves is when we can look ourselves in the mirror, and say, I like the direction this is taking me. Then you know you are ok, but if not, then what you leave behind is yourself, and lots of brokenness. Challenges are the exercises in our life that can make us or break us. They hold within them some of the hardest trials of our life. Step lightly, with great thought, and always listen to that inner voice it is the guage that will show you which way to go. 

“The Way of Serenity” Day 5


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

“Work as if everything depended on you, and pray as if everything depended on God.” -Ignatius of Loyola

“The serenity we seek arises partly from knowing that we have done all we can and the rest is up to God. There is a true peace of soul that comes over us when we have put forth our best effort. Like a farmer who has tilled his field and sown his seed. He can now sit back to wait for the crops to grow. When we have done our part we can rest with the assurance that the fruits of our labors ultimately depend on God. A life with God can be conceived as a collaborative effort, a joint venture, with God always the major business partner who works alongside us, and makes up for our deficiencies.” Page 28



“Sharing My Journey “


A friend asked me not too long ago, where do you get all the stuff you write about? I told her its from my own personal journey. I share the things I wonder about, the things I’ve come to believe, the things I’ve learned, and answers I received. When you find yourself in a place where whatever you’re doing flows easily you discover that’s exactly where you’re suppose to be, and there’s nothing else more important to do than using your gift. I’ve trusted most everyday that something inspirational would come. There’s nothing wrong with being human except when we find ourselves disconnected from our main source. For me that would be God.

Being human, we find ourselves in many situations were it’s difficult to think of anything else other than our own dilemma. It occupies our mind and we forget all the other good things that out weigh what we are going through. We have to make a conscious effort to reconnect with God, and in doing that we are able to be our true self.

So in my own conscious effort to reconnect today I began by with a prayer of thanks & gratitude for my life. “It’s been more good than not,” I say to God.

And in that moment of reconnection I hear His voice say, “I’ve only given you what good you have allowed me to give. There is so much more I want to share, if you will only remain open to me.”