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“Sunday’s with Ollie”


A Wagging Tail

A dog can seem like an insignificant animal to people who have no idea how wonderfully made we are. To think that a child could possible be satisfied with one of those mechanical toy dogs. You know the kind, they look real, bark, wag their tail and even walk on leash. You can pet the soft fur of the fake dog, but you can’t feel the warmth of our body as we snuggle up against you. You can touch the dry hard nose of the fake dog, but never feel the tickle as we sniff where you’ve been. You can see the pink tongue as it sticks out the fake dogs mouth, but never feel the wet sloppy kisses that tells you how much we love you. But to know what a real wagging tail means, is to know the heart, soul and personality of a real dog…like me.

Yes, I’m a lucky dog indeed for the dog God designed a tail that expresses a lot about me.

“My Billboard Hubby”


I told the nurse in recovery what a wonderful caring husband I have. She said that’s so sweet they should put him up on a billboard as an example that good husbands actually do exist. I thought what a bittersweet statement that was.Sweet for me, but sad for the people out there who don’t know what it’s like to be truly loved. 

I had to sleep in my recliner all night to keep my head upright. So my hubby slept in his right beside me so he could keep a watchful eye on me. We didn’t get much sleep, him a little more then I, but just having him there was comforting. I’m still pretty out of it dozing off and on, but every time I fall asleep I jerk myself awake. So I look over at Tom sleeping, and can’t resist writing about how blessed I’m feeling in spite of my discomfort.😷 He truly is the best in my eyes, and when I remember each morning what I am grateful for, Tom is always at the top of my list.