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“No Pain, No Gain!”


No pain, no gain!

That’s what I have to tell myself to gain the confidence I need to walk, move and exercise my newly constructed knee. It’s like having to walk across a bed of hot coals to get to the place I want to be on the other side of this. I realize that sacrifice only exist in the time it takes to get from here to there. That if I keep my focus on where I’m headed I don’t feel the burn as bad. With each attempt I grow stronger, letting go of what holds me back. Letting go of that which weighs me down, making my footsteps upon the burning coals a little lighter. I’m learning that anything is possible if we want it bad enough. It’s a great lesson, teaching me that nothing is impossible when we put our mind, heart and soul into what we have to do. Reminding myself over and again that for me no pain, means no gain, so it’s become my manta for now. A lesson that can be applied to other areas of my life as well.