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“The Infectious Love Bug”



There is not only an infectious love fever going around this time of year with Valentine Day on the horizon, but spring fever is in the air as well. They both involve one big symptom, LOVE, and with all the flu and viruses going around this is one feverish infection I don’t mind catching.

While the Valentine cards we get in the mail will come and go, the gardening magazines and seed catalog’s will give us something longer lasting to read through, plan with, and dream about. We could all use a few dreams of sunshine and warmer weather about now, don’t you agree?

It was my Dad who taught me the love of gardening, but it was a special friend who taught me how the love of gardening could be compared to friendship. In a card she sent me many years ago she wrote that, “Friends are like flowers in the garden of life.” She taught me that our friendships need the same care and nurturing that our gardens do if we want them to continue blooming.

Every year at this time I think of her as my garden magazine’s and seed catalogs come in the mail. It’s a time not only to plan my gardens, but also to check-in with how well I’ve been nurturing and tending my friendships.

Whether it’s the love of your honey, family, friends or the things you enjoy doing where there is love everything in life blossoms .

This is dedicated to you my dear friend…Denise.

“Like Johnny Appleseed”


There is a profound Zen proverb that says, “The seed never sees the flower.

The seeds we plant along our life’s journey is the same way. We are all like Johnny Appleseed dropping ours seeds as we go. He would have never been able to plant so many if he kept going back to see the results of his endeavors. Trusting in the process of the good we plant takes humility. Which means getting our ego out of the way. It is only then that our mind, body and spirit is able to bring our true-self out to do the work of our passions. Through this bond of Oneness, we have all the assurance we need that whatever we sow along the way will produce beautiful flowers. The seed never sees what it produces, it just knows what it’s supposed to do, as do we intuitively.



Today I went out to pick myself a simple bouquet of flowers.

It’s been a rough 7 days and I’ve felt like there was nothing I could do to make myself feel better. I couldn’t cry, laugh, talk or go for a walk. I haven’t even been able to sleep. I sit looking out at my garden wishing I could just putts around. It’s always so peaceful for me, but I can’t bend from my waist, even if I could I don’t have any energy to spare. So as the sun came up slowly this morning I could see something waving back and forth in front of my bedroom window. As it got brighter I saw it was my daisy’s as if they’d stretched as tall as they could so I could see them. And as daisy’s are known to do they brought a smile to my face, and even though that smile hurt, it was worth it. So the first thing I thought was I have something to do today. I went out and picked myself a bouquet. I didn’t even have to bend down to do it. Sometimes we’re so busy looking in all the wrong places for what we think we need that we miss the sweet little things that are right there in front of us, and I am feeling blessed today. It doesn’t get any better than that!