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“Update Of My Unworkshop”


I was up till 12 last night writing. I was on a roll and didn’t want to stop. Then I got up early to do yoga in the loft of the barn with Didi. She’s a gentle soul that just seemed to have a calming affect on me. 

I hung around in the loft after we were done and journaled for a bit until breakfast was ready downstairs. I sat with two other ladies, Liz who took me under her wing the first day I got here. She’s been very encouraging and helpful directing me toward supportive networks and books to read on how to write memoir. Then there’s Carmine who reached out to me introducing herself and always pulling me into the conversation making me feel a part of the people here. All 3 ladies are leaving today. I shall miss them, but they’ve helped to get me off to a good start as I feel more comfortable meeting the new people coming in.  

Today will be my 3rd full day here, and I can’t say enough about how at home I feel. They do everything they can to make you comfortable. For instance, I’m short as some of you already know. So, my desk is too high, my chair too low. So we tried a few chairs to on for size. They were all too low. Then we tried some different tables, and they were still too high. Finally we found a chair and it was…just right…as Goldilocks said after trying out all the furniture in the three bears house. Lol

Speaking of bears there’s all kinds of story’s about bears around here. One lady heard something rubbing up against her cabin and was afraid to look out the window. 

She later learned from the lady staying next to her that she did indeed see a bear walking between their cabins. Yikes! Maybe staying in the lodge isn’t such a bad thing after all.

 I started to go for a walk down a path until it became too enclosed on both sides by the woods. I chickened out and turned around thinking I might look like a plump juicy treat to one of those bears. 

The word is that no ones every been attacked by one yet. I think I’ll play it safe anyway and stay close to my surroundings. 

“Sunday’s with Ollie” Sniffing things out.


My Tom opened the windows this morning. I love the fresh air and all the smells it brings with it. I also hear the sounds outside much more louder, as if everything is much closer than it really is, like the dogs in the neighborhood. We are all very protective of our tribe and territory and sometimes we overreact because we feel threatened. It’s easy to be tough when I have a fence dividing me from them, but if that fence is open I could get myself in a bit of trouble if I overreact. Calmly taken a few moments to sniff things out I am able to realize that even though we all look different we’re still the same specious. We’re all dogs. For us smells speak loader than barks.  

I wish humans had a better smell factor. I hear the violence that goes on between them on the TV. It grabs my attention as I hear load popping sounds, people screaming and yelling at each other. I can’t smell the things that I see flashing before me, so I pace back and forth jumping up at it growling trying to chase them away from my tribe. It’s exhausting and I’m glad when my people turn it off.

I’m so glad I’m a dog, being human is so complicated. I see now though why the dog God made us man’s best friend. We have a calming effect on them and when they relax their better able to think things through, the same way us dogs do when we take the time to sniff things out. Getting along is so much better than having dog fights all the time. Why can’t we all just look beyond the different fur we wear and sniff things out before reacting? Why can’t we all just get along?