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“Sunday’s with Ollie”


Sometimes I am so anxious and excited to eat that I gobble my food down before I actually see it. I forget then that I ever even ate. So I start all over with my ritual of reminding them to feed me. I sit right in their line of eye sight where they can’t miss me, and start my penetrative stare. “Look into my eyes, it is time to feed me.

“You already ate!” My Tom yells at me.

“Hum! I did!” I think to myself.

“Ollie, you eat so fast your stomach needs to catch up with your brain. Then you’ll feel that fullness,” my Connie says. She takes my chin in the palm of her hands and goes on, “that’s what I learned in weight watchers a long time ago. If you eat slow your brain has time to catch up with your stomach, plus you will be able to taste your food. What fun is it to eat if you don’t enjoy each bit?”

I finally pull away from her, I try but I have no idea what she’s talking about. It sounds like blah-blah-blah-blah-blah! I walk around in a circle a few times than plop myself down on top of the couch. I’m feeling the need for a nap coming on. You know the kind of nap that comes over you when your belly feels good and full.

Ah…life is feeling pretty doggone good right now!

“Mindful Eating”


I’ve been learning about mindful eating. It’s about taking your time with each mouthful using your senses as you see, smell, feel and taste your food. So I listen to the instructor as she walks me through the process. She has a dark chocolate kiss, and I have a fresh gala Apple. I’m thinking I’d rather have her piece of chocolate, but my Apple will have to do. The first thing she ask you to do is look at what you’re about to eat. So I turn it around in my hands inspecting ever part of it.  My apple is quite beautiful with its variegated shades of reds, pinks and light greens looking like painted brush strokes. Tiny specks cover its flesh reminding me of my own freckles. I never saw that before. Next I am to smell it. I don’t get the smell of the apple just a fresh outdoorsy smell. A deep crackle sound pops as I bit into it, and all the fragrance trapped within its tight skin burst forth. Oh my God the taste, smell and feel of the Apple are all at once playing inside my mouth as the flavor squirts and rolls around on my tongue.

Wow! As we said in the 60’s, “what a trip that was.” Who knew eating an Apple could be such an adventure.

“So being a mindful eater,” the instructor says, “means You have to turn the TV off, and pay attention to what you’re putting in your mouth.”

appleHum! Let me weigh this one out. Watching the news over or watching my food. That’s a no brainier for me, watching my food sounds like more fun.