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“My own Created Reality”


God is my creator and He made me the Captain of my own ship.

I am a mass of accumulated thought. 
Like a magnet my feelings attract,
pulling all it collects within. 
My dreams become my desires.
My desires pull forth my intention.
My intentions decide the direction
of my sum total.
It is in this final accumulation
that I find myself.

I exist within my own created reality.

“Sunday’s with Ollie”


Sometimes what we think we really want turns out to be a false ambition. Take me for instance. I thought I wanted to sleep with my Connie and Tom every night. They are a part of my tribe after all and that’s what tribes do, they stick together. I finally wormed my way into their graces as I whined for nights. I don’t know why after all these years. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and can’t see as well as I use to. My Connie finally talked Tom into it. So I slept with them for less than a week. It was great at first, but we pushed on each other all through the night trying to get comfortable. I found myself missing the comfort of my little den. I missed the freedom I had to move about and cover up with my own blanky. Then the other night after going out before bed. I came back in and trotted right into my own bed. Ah…my little den. It feels like where I belong. I turn in circles, stick my head under my cover working it over top of me, and I feel like I’m where I want to be. They heard no more fussing from me.
Yes, we always think the hydrant down the road will have more to offer than the one we are sniffing. Missing out on all the pleasures our old faithful one still has to offer.  
Yes indeed, I’m as lucky as a dog can be.

Achieving our Dreams


What does it take to accomplish our dreams?

Desire, is the want, but passion is the drive. Courage helps us take the first step. Belief in ourselves gives us the confidence to keep moving forward. Focus keeps our dream in view. Commitment helps us follow through, and perseverance pushes us through the difficulties. These are all the tools we take with us as we journey toward our dream. It is a work in progress that takes time. I call it my “on the job training.” I’ve learned when my goal starts getting out of whack, it’s usually because I’ve lost one of these tools along the way. Rethinking things through can be the difference between knowing and understanding. After all, knowledge that accomplishes true understanding creates wisdom which is the true master of all our hard earned work.