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“Weaving The Tapestry Of Our Friendships”


Silence is one of the golden threads in the tapestry of our friendship.

Mindfulness is the needle that weaves the threads of thought together.

How we think,listen and respond determines how bright our friendships shine.

“The Connecting Thread of Life”


I’m sitting out on the deck letting the autumn sun warm my cold bones. I notice threads of spider webs sparkling in the sunlight connecting one thing to the other. It reminds me of something I once read about the golden thread of Divinity that runs through each of us connecting one to the other. Like the spider who creates a beautiful lacy web, we can spin and weave a beautiful tapestry of our own life with the golden thread that exist within each of us. Like the spider what we create comes from within. The finished product reveals the effort we put into our weaving on the outside.

“Mindfulness Opens Our Eyes”


Your will is the gardener that tends the garden called your body.
Listen to your body, and it will tell you what you need to know.
–Dr. Wayne Dyer

As I continue my mindful practice listening to my body takes conscious effort. I eat without much thought. My body tells me I’m hungry, but is what I’m putting in my mouth really good for my system? I won’t know that unless I pay attention to how my body reacts to it. So today I’m weaning myself off sugar. I’m allowing myself the natural sweetness that comes from eating fruit but cutting out table sugar and any product that has it in. The funny thing is I don’t think I eat that much sugar, but even in this one day I’ve read that it’s in a lot of the products I eat. Why am I doing this right now when I’m not feeling good? Because I want to feel better, and sugar feeds inflammation and infection going on in my body.

So my mindful experiment today was drinking black coffee. I’m use to adding a lot of Peppermint Mocha creamer to my coffee. So I knew it had to add something to the experience to make it enjoyable. I went out onto my quiet peaceful deck and sipped it same as I did when it had creamer in it. First sip was bitter, so was the second and third. It was not the enjoyable experience I was hoping my mindful thoughts would make it into. It reminded me of the same reaction I had to beer and wine when I first tasted them. I didn’t like them either in the beginning. Now I love the taste of both. I drank the cup anyway not wanting to have withdrawal symptoms from both coffee and sugar. I’ll either learn to enjoy its essence or stop drinking it all together.

My conclusion is that not everything we do mindfully will bring us joy, but it certainly opens our eyes to the things our mind and body are trying to tell us. That’s a good thing. So my endeavors where well worth the time I gave them. The big plus is that for a short space in time my attention was on something else rather then my symptoms.

“Kindness Increases & Expands”


It is true! Being kind to others increases kindness. It expands, growing bigger with each person it touches. Encouragement helps others see their own potential, and helps them believe in themselves. Recognizing a person’s talents, qualities, and passions makes them feel recognized for who they are. Best of all like a boomerang, all the good we give each other comes right back to us.Just think how much the goodness could expand if we were each kind to one another all in one day. I bet all the ugliness in the world would be outnumbered.

 Let it begin with me. 

“Creating Joy”


Creating Joy

Sometimes the events in our life really knock us down. It’s easy to feel lost and unsure of where we left off once we’re able to get back to living our life again. Something feels changed in us and we wonder how that’s going to affect the purpose and passion we had before this all happened.  It seems like a great time to re-evaluate what we are doing. What is that purpose? What is the intention I hope to create from it? And do I still have the passion to keep moving in that direction? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself as I try to get refocused.  So, I open up the book, “The Way of Serenity.” Picking up where I left off before things got so bad for me. This is what I read today.

“It’s all About Joy”

“Everyone needs a reason to hope, and what gives us greater joy then to know we are loved. Seeing true joy in another person allows us to believe that joy is possible and attainable. In this way joy can even be contagious. It can spread beyond ourselves and make other people’s lives just a little bit more joyful too*.”  The words jumped off the pages as a reminder to me of why I live my life the way I do. The world can be full of so many things that strip away our joy. It seems like we are always being pulled into the disillusionment that fear, hate and judgment creates. Some of us are meant to be the warriors who fight the good cause, and some of us are meant to keep that joyful hope alive as a reminder that it does indeed still exist, creating hope. Yes, to know we are loved is the greatest joy, but to show that love for others is what builds upon the very love we crave for ourselves.

Tell someone you love them today and be a part of the contagious joy it creates.

*Chapter 15 page 88