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“Love Lift Us Up”


So I’m thinking today about how we need an uplift in our country, and in ourselves. As I’m praying about it this song comes to mind. As I listen to it I couldn’t help but think about the phrase Michelle Obama uses, “when they go low, we go high.” Now I’m not advocating any party I am a non-partison voter. So if you can look beyond your party and embrace the phase as the unique person you are. Simple let the phase lead your conscious and the song re-align you heart mind and soul that in these struggling times we’re going through you can find a sense of peace within yourself.

“Be The Change You Want To Happen”


There has never been a more important time in our life then right now to take these 3 C’s more seriously, but there is one more very important “C” to add to the equation, “conscious.” Because your “choice” for “change” should be the “chance” you’re willing to take…that always reflects your “conscious.”