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“I Can See Clearly Now”



I looked up at the sky this morning seeing the moon as if halfway here, and halfway there. I’m reminded as my day begins that I can choose to see this or that it will all depend on the conscious effort I make to see what life has to show me today.

Whether it’s a crack, splinter or wrinkle in time these are the moments created for us to stop right where we are, and peek through the openings. Why do things have to break, hurt and get messed up before we see what’s been there all along? We build these invisible walls without much thought as we go about our days unconsciously. We don’t even have to wait for bad things to happen to get our attention, all we have to do is lift the veil that covers our clarity like a curtain at a window that distorts our view. Have you ever peered through a whole in a broken pane of glass? Looking as if you are seeing from a better perspective. There is nothing different to be seen than what was there before it broke, and if you simple make the effort to walk to the other side of the window there is a world of unlimited things to be seen, learned, and discovered. I don’t know about you, but I sure do make things much more difficult than their meant to be in my life simply because I don’t take the time to do what’s in my best interest. So today I’m making a conscious effort to lift the veil on my own and maybe even move beyond it by stepping through some of those openings. Then not only will I have the opportunity to see what they have to show me, but even better experiencing it with every part of my being.

“The Truth Within”



“If you look for the truth outside yourself, it gets farther and farther away.” -Tang-Shan Liang-Chich

To me this quote is a great reminder to bring it all in. It’s also a great example as we wind down to the last 3 days before the election. We cannot make a choice based on all the conflicting information that takes us away from what we base our own truth on. How does each candidate resonate with my own belief and truths?  There’s this inner knowing that we all have within us. It’s a nagging voice that’s trying to be heard beneath all the other noise that the ego entertains. Where does the ego look for its truth but from that which it attaches itself to on the outside?

What does this all create, but a division within ourselves. If there is a division within us then it’s going to create a division outside of us, and it spreads like a disease. It has already become prevalent in our country. Now the concern is that whoever gets into office, the division will continue. I don’t want to be a part of planting this seed. All I can do is pull out the negative weeds it’s begun to grow in me.

The bottom line for me is in the clarity of the statement above. Look for the truth within your heart and soul. Don’t let the ego lead you astray. Some would say I don’t’ rely on myself. I rely on God. Well where do you think God exist? Within each of us. He didn’t create us to push aside who we are. He created us that He could experience life through us and with us. But it takes our cooperation and willingness to work as One. I have learned in my own life that when I’m feeling that sense of division it’s a sure sign that I’ve drifted away from the truth within. Until I find my way back I become a part of the problem that contributes to the division all around me.

As Saint Francis so simply taught, having peace on earth, can only happen when we first find it in ourselves.

“Belief System”


Do you live your life from a belief system of collective opinions? Think of all the people who have influenced what you believe to this day. There’s your parents, teachers, leaders even our culture, race and religion. But isn’t part of growing up and flying free to be me, also the time in your life when you decide if these beliefs reflect your own? How will we ever know if we simple go with the flow? It takes courage to step away, and take the road less traveled, trying those beliefs on for size. You might be surprised to finally realize why it felt so uncomfortable all this time. How do you know if something fits you if you don’t try it on first? You might know that wine is simple divine, because I say it is so, but how will you ever know until you taste it for yourself. This is where life gets exciting when you dive into each one of those belief systems and swim within everything they stand for. Are they still your beliefs? If not, then buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life as you discover who you are, your own truths, their relevance, and the abilities you have within yourself to do it your way. 

“Have to or To Have”


“Have to or To Have”

When you don’t want to do something, but there’s no way of getting around it, what’s left, but to plunge on through. If it’s a “have to” kind of thing, I can always change the word “have” to “choose.” It really does change the whole outlook on that something.

There’s a lot people I know right now, myself included, who are faced with some medical issue. I guess it has a lot to do with getting older. My Dad used to say, the older you get the more you have to go into the body shop for repairs, new parts and adjustments. Notice I use the words “have to.” I don’t like putting it that way because there’s always a choice to do, or not to do. No matter how unpleasant something is, it’s always up to us. No one is twisting our arm. When I hear myself say, I choose to have this done. Notice how the negative words “have to” becoming a positive reaction, “to have” actively changing the perception of the thought.

None of us desires to go through any kind of unpleasant repair, but when we make an informed decision, we are able to make a choice we can live with.