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“What’s Your View”



Dad and three sons on a clear night looking thru a telescope

I have this image in my head that we are all waiting in line at the top of a cliff to look through the same telescope. Half of the people are told what to look for, and the other half are told just to observe what they see before them. After each person is done they stand around talking about what they saw. The ones who were told what to focus on saw only what they looked for, giving them a narrow view. The ones who observed the full view saw all there was to see within the diameter of the telescope. This gave them a greater appreciation, and as they stepped back and looked at the vastness beyond the telescope they saw that there was even more to be seen. Those who had the one thing to focus on couldn’t understand why those who had no restraints didn’t see the importance of the one thing that stood out to them.

My image is different ways of looking at things that form the perceptions we choose to believe. But it goes even deeper than that because there is still a uniqueness in each of us that gives a view that only belongs to us. There is no right or wrong way. What we each see with the openness of our mind, heart and soul is meant to add to the mix of which we are all a part of. It’s like a great recipe with many different ingredients mixed just right to create a tasty dish.

Not everyone is going to like what we see or see what we like. That’s okay, because it challenges us to get the recipe just right. A little bit of bitterness added to the pot can be balanced with a little bit of sweetness. So we can either help one another to see the bigger picture, and sit down to a great concoction of conscious soup or we can remain a one minded ingredient that has nothing to offer but division. The challenge is not to see what someone else says you should look at. We don’t have to agree to see what we can’t see. We simply need to go back and look through the telescope of life with our own eyes open wide. Than we will see what the bigger picture has to offer. Allowing each one of us to make a more informed decision about the things we choose to believe.

So the question we must ask ourselves is: Am I looking only at what everyone else tells me to see or am I looking with my own eyes at what the view has to show me in it’s entirety ?


“The Way of Serenity” Day 3


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

When we are in the mist of our troubles, the things that keep us awake at night thinking what we could have done different. What can we do about it now? Oh please God take this burden away we cry out. There are so many hardships from addictions, to sickness, heartaches and losses, I know I’m only touching the surface of many. These are overpowering things. That cause us not to think straight. We have to get to that cry for help. What do we want? To find a sense of peacefulness that will carry us through, because in our desperation, we know there is nothing we can do to change what’s happening. How do we find the serenity we need?  Through the gift of acceptance. It’s not enough to ask, we have to be willing to put into action what accepting requires. Believe it or not, there is a gift waiting to be received though our act of acceptance, and that gift is the serenity we long for. It’s tough though. I’ve been through my share of things; I can’t imagine that anyone hasn’t.

How do we accept a gift that is handed to us when our hands are too full of the pain and sorrows to grasp onto it? We have to begin laying down the things we can’t do anything about. The serenity prayer is easy, but the work we have to do takes time, patience and trust. Even when we find ourselves in a better place, it can be difficult to let go of our painful past experiences. I carried a tremendous amount of emotional baggage with me into my marriage and family life.  As long as I held onto it I remained imprisoned by it, always the victim feeling helpless. Until one day in a group session with other emotionally damaged people, I got tired of hearing the same story’s over and over again going nowhere. Changing nothing, because as Fr. Morris points out, we can’t change the past. It’s only in the letting go that we are able to receive the gift that acceptance bring. It is so freeing; how can you not experience the serenity it creates.

And the beat goes on through life as we will encounter many more unrelated things we could have never imagined that will be hard. Each time you learn a little more about what your capable of handling, yet it never gets any easier to go through.