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“Where’s Waldo”


Ever since I was a kid I loved the challenge of finding Waldo. I bought a book for our grand-kids a long time ago, and even when the big ones come over if the book is out, they still love searching Waldo out in the maze of a crowd.
Of course me, being me, I always see something deeper in things, even if that wasn’t the designer’s purpose in the first place. I think Waldo represents a little bit about each of us. He likes to play games that’s one thing for sure. He’s jokester, a challenger, smart, cleaver, and elusive. Maybe he’s even a little insecure, having a need to hide yet wanting desperately to be found otherwise why would he wear a strip shirt?

I think that searching for Waldo can be a great form of meditation as we look for answers about ourselves. As we seek him out he becomes us and we ask ourselves what am I hiding from? What am I searching for? Why do I dress to draw attention, yet hide for fear of not being accepted for who I am. I know just about now you’re thinking, ah…Connie you’re taking all the fun out of it. No, that’s not my intention. I love looking for Waldo just for the fun of it like everyone else. My point is in showing that there can be more to see than what meets the eye.

If I look outside my window on a cold dreary winter day. I can simple see my holly tree or see it as a beautify Christmas tree with strings of red berries. Twinkling lights of ice cover raindrops, with ornaments of red cardinal birds and squirrels munching away on their Christmas feast. I can look a friend in the eyes, and see their very soul or only notice what heir wearing on the outside. I can wallow in my own misery letting that be all I focus on or catch a glimpse of the daisy’s outside my window saying, “hello.”

I think there’s a kind of picture puzzle in all things whether it be a person, a situation, nature or even as far as the universe itself. If we’re not seeing these hidden pictures, then maybe we need to start asking ourselves what’s standing in our way. What’s so much more important than discovering all that life has to show and teach us. You don’t have to be a deep person to see, all you need is to get your ego out of the way. You don’t have to imagine what heaven will be like, it’s hidden in plain sight right here on earth. Ask Waldo, he’ll help you find it.