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“The Essence of Life “


“Seeking life everywhere, I found it in the burn of my lungs.” -Mark Nepo

I go to take a sip of my morning coffee of which I’ve added a drop of peppermint essential oil. I can barely touch my lips to the rim before the blast of its essence smacks me in the face. Like a cool breeze it enters my nose and burns all the way down into my lungs. It is simply divine, decadent and mind blowing. There’s no doubt I’m awake now, I think to myself. As I get past the blast and begin to enjoy each sip, I open todays reading and there is the quote above by Mark Nepo.

Have you ever ridden a bike or went for a run on a cool fall day? The air burns the lungs in the same way. It can feel like a rude awakening, but suddenly we feel alive, invigorated and hopeful again. And like the old commercial where the guy smacks on his aftershave waking himself up, I say too, “thanks! I needed that.” Now the work of the day begins as I try to remain in this awakened state of mind.

“One Dormant Ingredient”


Imagine if you will, that there is one ingredient lying dormant inside you. It is the heart and soul of who you are, and it can only be activated by what you choose to pour into it.

Let’s use the example of making bread. There are 5 basic ingredients yeast, water, flour, sugar, and fat. The yeast is the ingredient that sits dormant. There are thousands of living plant-like microorganisms in one pack of yeast alone. Think of all the microorganisms waiting to be awakened in us. It is the most essential ingredient, and without it the bread can’t rise. It is flat, hard, dull and lifeless just as we become when we are not utilizing all our inner ingredients.

So what does it take to activate the yeast? It takes action, desire and willingness. For without this nothing can be accomplished. It’s not just a matter of putting the ingredients together. It’s working the ingredients with our hands until it’s well mixed. It’s letting it sit for a while so it can raise, and then we punch it down again re-kneading it mixing and pushing until we know for sure that what we’ve put into it has been brought to perfection.

So like yeast, we bring it to life by first desiring what it can do for us. The added ingredients represent what we put into this awakening. This rising comes from what we learn from it. The punching down is our way of testing its validity, and the re-kneading is our assurance which allows us to rise above our limitations into our true-selves. The bread creates the “aha moment,” for in it we see how the ingredients brought together creates the bread of life that continues to feed us with the knowledge we need to remain Whole.

What is the dormant ingredient that sits in us waiting to be awakened? I know what it is. Do you?



“God experiences life through each of us, and we experience life thanks to God.”-Peter Sheperd
To sit among the trees,
To listen to the silence,
To notice your breath,
To awaken to the smells,
To taste what never touches the tongue
To open your eyes and see?
It means all that is,
and all that ever will be,
has become One.
And through mind, body and spirit,
God has the pleasure of experiencing  all His creations,
through our eyes, emotions and senses.
It is truly being in the moment of Grace!

“Live For Today”


If I ask you to close your eyes for just a moment. The life before you turns off and you enter into your inner thoughts. But what we see within is made up of all we’ve seen before. If we live within our memories, dreams and thoughts it’s like living in the shadows of our life. As we open our eyes to a new day we take one step at a time moving toward the light and what it has yet to reveal to us. Letting the shadows stay behind us. Starting from now and allowing ourselves to see that this one more day can be a lifetime all on its own.