Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Gifts of Christmas


I light my candle

on this Christmas day.

Bringing light into the darkness

Helps me see my way.

I pray for the insight

In the days ahead

Thinking of tomorrow,

Instead of this Christmas day.

I hear a rustling

beneath my Christmas tree,

I move my candle closer

Where I can see.

It’s my little Lucy

Full of life and at play

She brings a smile to my face

On this Christmas day,

She reminds me of the

Things that still remain.

All the gifts

Full of life

and gratitude.

So many good things

to open

all at one time.

I could take one a day

And make

Christmas last

a lifetime.

The gift of Christmas

New birth

New beginnings

A chance to start a new.

Like the bright star of Christmas

Let it always lead the way.

This is my special prayer

for you and me

On Christmas Day.