“To receive or not to recieve,” that is the question?”


“To receive or not to receive,” that is the question?

It’s not easy to receive when you feel a sense of unworthiness. Does anyone have the right to feel good about the things they do without giving God all the credit? I hate when people say, oh it’s not me that does the work, but the God within me. Right there and then, when you say that you’re separating yourself from God. It is you who did the work, and it is in, through and with Him that it becomes the master piece it was meant to be. If we separate ourselves from God, then the unique person He created us to be means nothing. God is as much a part of me as my own brain is. He gave me the freedom to choose how to think with it. I can go through life thinking in the limited state of a human if I choose. Maybe never even acknowledging God at all, but it doesn’t change the fact that He’s still within me. When we’re ready to accept and receive this truth, a whole new world opens up to us. As One we make great things happen.

When we understand the true meaning of receiving, the question goes away. Because it is in receiving that we give, and in giving that we receive as St Francis puts so eloquently. You can’t have one without other, that is unless you are using it for the wrong reasons.

So I offer you the gift of thanks for reading the things that God puts in my heart. We make a great team, and it only happened when I started believing in the person God created me to be in the first place.

“You is good. You is Kind, and you is important!” It is yours to receive or not.



About connieszone

I've come to know myself as a unique individual expression of God. I love that there is only one me in all the world. I'm still learning, growing and experiencing all the wonders that this life has to teach me. I live, move, and breath in this shell of a body God has given me, and together we travel. He see's, hears, taste, smells and touches all that I experience through the individual personality that I am. I believe He exist in each one of us for the same purpose. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many. I love to write and express the many thoughts that swim around in my head. I love to read. I'm a creative crafty kind of person. I love being in my garden. I've been working on my families genecology for 25 years. I think that about sums me up for now.

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