“What’s On Your Mind?


“What’s on Your Mind?”

One continually attracts to himself forces and influences most akin to those of his life…determined by the thoughts and emotions he habitually entertains.-Ralph Waldo Trine

Don’t brush this statement off and move on lightly.

It’s a powerful eye opening truth about ourselves that gives us a look inside our thoughts. Look around you. It’s in your house, from the clothes you buy, to the books you love to read, the music that touches your heart, the décor that makes you comfortable. It’s in the hobbies that express yourself, the things you love to do. It’s in the company that you keep, and the things you talk about. It’s in the efforts that you make or not. It’s in your beliefs…faith wise or other wise. If you don’t know who you are then just simply look around, and if you don’t like what you see you’ll know it’s not your truth.

It’s always good to take a little inventory of ourselves. Like spring cleaning, we can get rid of the things that no longer serves our truth. It feels good to clean out all the unnecessary cluttered stuff that’s taking up room in our minds. When all is said and done we feel a sense of space, freedom and peacefulness. Now we have a bit of clarity, and we’re better able to entertain the thoughts that truly reflect who we are.

About connieszone

I've come to know myself as a unique individual expression of God. I love that there is only one me in all the world. I'm still learning, growing and experiencing all the wonders that this life has to teach me. I live, move, and breath in this shell of a body God has given me, and together we travel. He see's, hears, taste, smells and touches all that I experience through the individual personality that I am. I believe He exist in each one of us for the same purpose. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many. I love to write and express the many thoughts that swim around in my head. I love to read. I'm a creative crafty kind of person. I love being in my garden. I've been working on my families genecology for 25 years. I think that about sums me up for now.

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