“Being Grounded”  


To be grounded we must first nourish the ground in which we want to grow. In doing so we allow ourselves to create and shape our life the way we want it. As I look at my gardens eager to plant my flowers. I know that there are weeds to pull, ground to hoe, and fertilizing to spread to prepare the grounds. In the same way I must tend to my own growth if I wish to unfold and bloom. Pulling the weeds that crowd my thoughts, fertilizing my body with the proper nourishment, and quenching my inner thirst with the spirit of God. Grounding myself with this kind of preparation is sure to produce the kind of growth I’m looking for.


About connieszone

I've come to know myself as a unique individual expression of God. I love that there is only one me in all the world. I'm still learning, growing and experiencing all the wonders that this life has to teach me. I live, move, and breath in this shell of a body God has given me, and together we travel. He see's, hears, taste, smells and touches all that I experience through the individual personality that I am. I believe He exist in each one of us for the same purpose. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many. I love to write and express the many thoughts that swim around in my head. I love to read. I'm a creative crafty kind of person. I love being in my garden. I've been working on my families genecology for 25 years. I think that about sums me up for now.

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