“My Body the Vehicle.


“My Body the Vehicle”

“I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” -Audre Lorde

I woke up this morning thinking it’s time to stop fulling around with my health. I wouldn’t take it to the extreme that I can’t enjoy the things I like for the rest of my life. Because I think the whole point in living is finding the joy in it. However, it is being sensible about the choices I make.

I see my body as the vehicle in which I experience life through. It’s not who I am. Who I am exist within the body. If that inner part doesn’t take care of the vehicle, things start to break down. Maybe we get high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure to name a few. Those are the warning signs that tell us we need to change the way we are doing things because what we’re doing is not good for our body.

I liken this analogy to my own little Mini Cooper. I love my car, we’re a perfect fit. I take really good care of Mini. I’m the soul that drives my mini where I want to go. If I’m going down the road and a yellow light comes on indicating something is not working right. I call my mechanic and get it looked as soon as I can. If the red light comes on, then I know I’m dealing with an emergency that needs immediate attention before I can drive it again. If I don’t, and I drive it anyway I’m going to destroy the inner workings of Mini’s most important components. Now I wouldn’t think twice about keeping Mini in good running condition. Yet when the same kind of lights go off in me, I get alarmed at first, but then I slowly slip back into the bad habits that put me there in the first place. My body is more precious than anything man-made. It’s been given to me as a gift to use throughout my life-time. I do have to care about myself, and it’s not being self-indulgent. It’s loving myself enough to pay attention to the signals.  01a594088a727d3e814d2e564207cf8311dcecb0c3

About connieszone

I've come to know myself as a unique individual expression of God. I love that there is only one me in all the world. I'm still learning, growing and experiencing all the wonders that this life has to teach me. I live, move, and breath in this shell of a body God has given me, and together we travel. He see's, hears, taste, smells and touches all that I experience through the individual personality that I am. I believe He exist in each one of us for the same purpose. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many. I love to write and express the many thoughts that swim around in my head. I love to read. I'm a creative crafty kind of person. I love being in my garden. I've been working on my families genecology for 25 years. I think that about sums me up for now.

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