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“The Bond of Spirit & Human”


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The things I write about in my post intertwine with my own journey in life. Because of our unique individual personality’s our experience is different. I’m trying to find my way, like everyone else. Yet what I find along the way will be sieved through my own unique strainer. What’s left will be mine to know, figure out or build upon. I share to inspire, encourage, and to give hope. Sometimes I show my humanness because we need to know we’re not alone in our struggles. Sometimes I get my humanness out of the way, and the spirit speaks through me. In both cases there’s a division going on in me, and I believe if the spirit is here having a human experience then our goal is to find that unity to work as one. That oneness is what I call my true self. It’s not difficult to be there if we can hold ourselves together, but once our humanness steps out of line we’re off to earth school to learn some more lessens on how to deepen this marriage of spirit and human. Together the spirit experiences what it’s like to be human. In turn the human gets to see beyond the veil of his worldly limitation through the eyes of the Spirit. What a wondrous journey it’s become. I never know what will be waiting around each corner, but I know if I’m walking my path as my true self I can face anything because I’m not alone.


“Irritating People”


Today I was feeling frustrated being around an irritating person. I looked at them to see if there was anything about them that I didn’t like about myself. I do believe that we can learn a lot about ourselves by the way we react to others. There is nothing about this person that I could honestly see in myself. Yeah!!! That’s a good thing. What this person does that irritates affects everyone they get around. It has nothing to do with anyone else, but them.

Why do people annoy others? I think sometimes it’s for the same reason people bully others. They have a need for attention and often to be loved. The sad thing is that their actions actually do the opposite, it pushes people away.

What makes it hard for me is that I love everyone. I don’t give up on anyone, and I always look for the good in them, but sometimes even my good hearted character can be challenged, and pushed to a breaking point.

What does this have to teach me about myself? Right now the only good answer I can find is that I’m human.

“The Reaction of Our Choice”


“I have no choice about whether or not I have Parkinson’s. I have nothing but choice about how I react to it. In those choices, there’s freedom to do a lot of things in areas that I wouldn’t have otherwise found myself in.” –Michael J. Fox

I know many friends and family who are trying to learn how to live with the various life changing events in their life. Whether it’s a disease, loss of job, divorce or death of a loved one. These are life altering events that we don’t choose. There is a sense of loss in all of them which causes us to go through the various stages of grief. They involve denial, anger, bargaining, depression then acceptance. 

I was told in my own time of grief to stop trying to fix how you feel. You have to allow yourself time to go through all the feelings and emotions. It’s like being on a roller coaster with all its ups and downs. Eventually we all get to a point when we feel brave enough to get off. That’s when the acceptance comes. It’s then that we can choose how we will let it define our life. It is then that we can begin to look around and see the many possibilities yet to experience and do.

Michael J. Fox does not let Parkinson’s disease define who he is. He’s learned along his own journey how to find himself beneath it. When we get back to our true self we are better able to consciously see the choices we could have never imagined.

My Dad use to say to me, if there’s anything you can do about it, then do it. If not than you have to let it go, and find a way to move forward.


“My 7 Days Of Contemplation”


Day 7

I am no longer trapped within the fear and darkness of my own making. For I see the rays of light shining through my open tomb. Love outshines the darkness and now I can see. This is the day of awakening to a new birth, a new understanding, and true freedom to be. It is the day when Love reconnects with love, and I remember once again who I am, and from which I come.

Happy Easter!

Thank you for walking with me on my 7 days of contemplation. Love is all about connection!


“My 7 Days of Contemplation”


Day 6
This is the day to look for answers. What have I learned during this time of reflective contemplation? For me I know one thing, I don’t want the crosses I’ve carried to be for nothing. I know that sometimes it’s too heavy to carry, and sometimes it’s not even mine to carry at all. I’ve experienced a sense of freedom in letting go, and my hope is renewed. For I’ve learned most importantly that the answers cannot be found through fear, but rather through the eyes of Love.


“My 7 Day’s of Contemplation”


Day 4

Jesus, had the greatest understanding of love. He gave his life that we might one day understand the depth of that meaning. Showing us what love does for love. We all come to a point in our life when we feel the heaviness of the cross on our shoulders. They are the pivotal moments in which we can remain in fear or move toward the Love that waits on us to be rediscovered.


“My 7 days of Contemplation”


Day 2

I think that we are created out of love and encompass all we need to know, but knowing is different then understand. We learn to understand through our personal experiences, often looking for that love in all the wrong places and faces. How many times must we fall before we find our way back to our inherent Love. The searching stops and the understanding begins when we realize that it’s been within us all along.